LAb[au] - Els Vermang

Els Vermang (Leuven, Belgium, 1981) is an artist and curator living and working in Brussels, Belgium. Her artistic work as part of the artist trio ‘LAb[au]’ (since 2003) questions contemporary aesthetics and semiotics, though an algorithmic and conceptual thinking. Her curatorial work as part of the duo ‘Societe’ (since 2015) extends this research, crisscrossing different generations while establishing a dialogue in between traditional and experimental art. 

Els was nominee for the renowned contemporary art prize ‘Young Belgian Painters Award’ (2009) which was celebrated with an group-exhibition with LAb[au] at BOZAR (Brussels) and winner of the ‘Europalia Curators Award’ (2019) which was celebrated with a duo-exhibition at KANAL (Brussels).


Hocus Locus

‘Hocus Locus’ aims to shed light on the interplay between conceptual consideration and geometric abstraction within LAb[au]’s artworks; the so-called abstract conceptualism. This approach is critically developed within a transhistorical approach, allowing to put in dialogue traditional and experimental art.