Lab212 is an interdisciplinary art collective, founded in 2008 in Paris. Using new media, the collective creates installations which explore our perceptions of space and sound. These pieces, in which the visitor becomes an actor, provoke a loss of bearings and offer a sensitive interpretation of impalpable phenomena by giving them a materiality, as through light and sound beams in space (Passifolia, 2020), the force of the wind on the landscape (Nebula, 2018), or the weight of the body in atmosphere (Starfield, 2012). Their works were exhibited at the Barbican Centre, MuDA Zurich, Centre Pompidou.



Starfield is an installation that hijacks an icon born from the democratization of computing: the screensaver of Windows 3.1. The piece is composed of a swing allowing to interact with a big starry sky. The visitor travels to the rhythm of his swing. Starfield juxtaposes a reality perceived through the object with an imaginary projected environment. By swinging, we control the movement, itself induced by the swing. Through our physical experience, Starfield induces a profound immersive feedback. The suspension of the body and it’s shifting in a universe distinct from reality disrupts our bearings.