Post uit Hessdalen

Post uit Hessdalen is a young contemporary music-theatre company. In cooperation with other performing artists, and as a collective of varying composition, it creates hybrid stage productions in which several artistic disciplines – theatre, video, visual art, circus performance – coalesce to form a new and innovative performing arts idiom. Music and soundscapes play a pivotal part in each of the company’s creations. The basal and direct nature of music on stage (live or not) provides an antipode to the constructed visual language.


Man Strikes Back

Five triangles, one juggler, one musician. The balls bounce, ricochet and create a choreography.
On the side, the musician and his drums engage in dialogue. Together, the juggler, the musician and the bouncing balls create a great musical composition.

The perfection of the performance depends as much on the precision and strength of the juggler as on the speed of the percussionist's reaction.

What if the triangles start moving and determine their location on stage themselves? A new balance of power is created between the triangular robots, the juggler and the musician. Who commands whom? Who operates whom? Who needs whom? The more stubborn the robots become, the more the juggler begins to look like a machine.

A futuristic and musical show that symbolises our approach and our ignorance of robots and artificial intelligence.

For all, from the age of six

Two performances :
Wednesday 4 November 2020 at 6 pm
Thursday 5 November 2020 at 2pm and 7pm

Creation: Stijn Grupping, Frederik Meulyzer and Ine Van Baelen
Performance and live music: Stijn Grupping and Frederik Meulyzer
Choreography: Ugo Dehaes
Robotics: Edwin Dertien, Teun van der Molen, Nick van Lange, Gertjan Biasino and Ugo Dehaes
Lighting: Lucas Van Haesbroeck
Costumes: Sarah Demoen
Coproduction: MiramirO, Tweetakt, C-mine and Theater op de Markt
With the support of the Flemish government and the City of Antwerp
Thanks to hetpaleis and Zonzo Compagnie