So Kanno

Born in Japan. Based in Berlin since 2013 Completed Institute of Advanced Media Art and Science. In recent years, he has focused on multiple robotic systems and exploring their possibilities for artistic use.



“Lasermice” is a swarm robotic installation that consists of 60 small robots, which inspired by synchronous behavior from insects like fireflies. Normally network of swarm is invisible, But in this case those robots creates visible network via laser light - photodetector communication. As a result, they generate rythme that continuously changes. The generated rhythm is made audible by solenoid which strikes floor. Combination of visible network and audible rhythm are deployed spatially.

This installation is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme in the framework of STARTS initiative (Science, Technology & the Arts). STARTS supports collaborations between artists, scientists, engineers and researchers to develop more creative, inclusive, and sustainable technologies